Thursday, April 07, 2016

Jesse Turns 15!!!! That Can't Be Right......

 Well, Jesse turned 15 at 1:13pm yesterday.....ironically enough, Bartlett had a huge thunderstorm with severe lightening, and wouldn't you know it, but lightening struck a pole and we had no power for 7 hours.....So, yes I improvised and did my best with a house full of people in almost pitch black.  We broke out the candles, flashlights, and smartphone flashlights and had us a party in the dark.  Jesse thought it was very neat and wants to do it again next year....not gonna happen.

 Ready to make his wish....
 Yes, Grandpa gave him 15 Birthday spankings with Gracie looking on....
 Jesse has had his eye on this for some time......we had to explain to Nana that Fallon and Timberlake really weren't running......we can dream though!
 Boy did he want this belt!
 And hat......
 What teenage boy isn't happy when he gets a wad of cash!
 By this point in the evening we had no light, so Nana broke out the flashlight so Jesse could read his card from she and PawPaw!
Mom being quiet in the corner!

Can't believe Jesse is 15...can't wait to see what this year holds for him! He is studying for his permit test, doing well in school, and practicing golf so much.  We hope he keeps it up. We love you Jesse!!!!

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