Sunday, May 08, 2016

Luau Slumber Party......

 Well, Claire is presently obsessed with all things Luau so yes, we went overboard with the theme...but Claire loved every minute of it!

 She does look like a little Hawaiaan girl to me!

 Dinner on the deck complete with fishing net, leis, and fancy glasses with a tropical punch mix.

 Of course they played games til the sun went down and the mosquitoes came out!!

 Claire wanted to do a beach artwork, so we did a little paint party and did an ocean scene with footprints....I think the girls really enjoyed this craft!

 Waiting for the canvases to dry before doing their footprints, they had a little down tome for smiles and cupcakes!

My flat footed daughter.....More to come soon on the rest of the party.  The girls settled down and after getting all snuggled in sleeping bags, watched one of my favorites..."13 Going on 30" . I heard giggling all hours of the night.....So blessed to be able to do these things for Claire!  Happy 10th Birthday Sweet Girl!

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