Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Beach Pictures as Promised.....

This is a special picture because this is my Grandma with all her Great Grandchildren! There are 9 and 2 more on the way!! All the kids really enjoyed having Great Grandma Hydrick on this vacation with them!

Getting a decent family picture is impossible! Apparantly, just before the pictures were taken, Claire decided to put her hands through my hair and pull away. My family never said, "Hey Gretchen, you have a huge chunk of hair pulled out of place", or "Hey Gretchen, your hair looks a little like you just woke up!" Oh well, the pictures are done and this is as good as it gets! I'll always have the memories of a great trip though!!!
Claire with one of her cousins, Peyton. All the "big kids" were so big to play with Claire and give her attention! Claire thought she was one of the big kids!

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed all of the pictures so much. Love, Greatgrandma H