Saturday, June 21, 2008

We're Home!

OK, So we're home now and I'm sooooo sorry I'm just now posting. We had a bit of trouble with sleeping arrangements this week, as Claire did not like sleeping in her pack and play AT ALL!! She was unconsolable, so we had to rock her til she fell asleep, whick took about 1 hour.After that we would put her down in the pack and play and she would wake up around 2am screaming because she had no idea where she was. Anyway, I never had a chance to sit down at the computer after she went down to blog. So forgive me, as I have included many pictures tonight! Other than the sleeping thing, we had a great vacation. I should call it a trip, because Lance and I decided a vacation was something you take WITHOUT the kids!..... We stayed on the beach all day every day and were blessed with the most wonderful weather. Lance enjoyed golf one day and took Jesse and Peyton to Waterville one afternoon but Claire and I could be found at the beach at almost any given time!! Enjoy the pictures and will post again real soon. I think I need a vacation from my vacation.....

Claire begged anyone who would be willing to take her into the water. She kept pointing to the water and saying, "I go......"
Sweet siblings

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