Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Well, we're home from the beach, though I would've liked another week........Oh well, reality calls! This is a glance from our tent at the beach. It was this beautiful every day. Not a lick of oil, tar, seaweed....loved it!
My family has had this tradition of lining all of our chairs out on the beach and watching the sunset every day that we're on the beach. I mean all of my it's like 20plus chairs.....I'm sure everyone around us thought we were the Clampett Family.....we had a blast!

Cousin Justin, Lance, & Uncle Tommy after building one of their 2 bonfires of the week. The kids (adults too!)loved the fire and roasting smores!!! I was told everything's fat free on vacation!

Little Claire came out of the water long enough to pose. She was is the water every second an adult would offer.

Our annual beach chair picture......We started taking these every year start when the kids were just tiny babies!

Ms. Priss in the chair.

Well, I'll post lots more soon, but we have a great, bittersweet trip. We were without Grandma and Aunt Jackie this year, but know they were with us every moment we were there.

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