Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Girl Haircut

Well,Miss Claire had a big girl haircut (well, more like a trim) today and just loved every minute of it. She got to choose her shampoo and conditioner flavors and of course, chose chocolate! She loved the sink and wishes we had one like that at sorry!

Claire following Ms. Beth to her chair....

Claire never moved a muscle during her trim. Either she was following instructions, or scared to death of getting cut??

Claire druing her "blow out".....she seemed so serious. She never smiled and was watching Ms. Beth like a hawk.

Jesse complained that the place was "too girly", but he survived!

Claire showing off her trim.....she really wants long hair, so she told the hairdresser, "Just a trim, please!"

Claire receiving her crown tattoo on her wrist......notice the glitter in her hair....she asked me if I get glitter when I get my hair done.......

then a sparkly star.....which is gone already because she's been touching it all day long!

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