Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's May Day!!

 Wow what a day it's been!  We welcomed to our county and home our exchange student May, who came all the way from Northeast China!  She will be staying with us during this school year while she attends school here in Memphis. We are all thrilled about her teaching us and vice versa.  She is very polite and really enjoyed the balloons and signs the kids were waving furiously in the airport.  She is such a trooper to make that flight all by herself!  Keep May in your prayers for a smooth adjustment to life here with The Hollingsworth Family!
 Just after meeting May.
 She immediately started handing out gifts for the sweet of her to think of them.  Not sure she loved my cooking so much this 1st night, but maybe homemade chicken penne pasta isn't for everyone!  I'll get it right eventually what she likes and dislikes.
 It was amazing to watch her on the way home from the airport....#1...she's never been in a minivan #2  she could see the blue sky and trees #3 she said our stoplights are very very low and #4 she about screamed when she saw horses prancing in the fields near our home.
 Jesse loving his cool Chinese pens....she also bought herself and the kids matching tshirts that say "I Love My Family"..  I thought that was a very sweet gesture.  Well, I'll post again very soon...I'm still trying to help her unpack and get settled.  She keeps looking in her empty closet saying..."it's sooo big".  I told her that won't be the case once she gets all her stuff in there!

Love, Gretchen

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