Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soon to have a new body in the house....

 Hello friends!  Well, as most of my friends and family already know, we are soon to host a young exchange student from China that will be attending the Catholic High School next door to Jesse & Claire's school.  We found out only a few days ago, so we''ve have to put together her room in a bit of a pinch. We know the room is not very "teen", but I'm sure it will suit her fine.  We put an antique Stickley desk and chair in the room given to me by my aunt and uncle, and it's just perfect for the space!  I left the area above the bed blank in case she wants to put up a bulletin board or something.

 The closet looks so weird empty.....mind you just 2 days ago that closet was stuffed to the top with fabrics, patterns, odds and ends, you know, extra closet junk!  Now that junk has been dispersed throughout the house, the closet is ready for Juimei.  Will post once she arrives, as we have a monster of a week coming up....Registration, first day of 1st grade for Claire, first day of middle school for Jesse, Duran Duran concert (woohoo), meet the teacher meetings and so on.  Should be a fun week!
Hope to post again soon! Wish us luck and for the safe arrival of Juimei!


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