Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Time!

Well, I will say that I was sweating it this year planning Claire's 1st Grade Christmas Party.  But, all the room moms got together and made the 1st Grade Party a huge success!  The kids really enjoyed it all!  Jesse and I came early and he really helped me set up and get everything ready. I had some help from other moms to make the flower poms and the Christmas banner, and the Christmas Tree toss game!

 Each place was set with a canvas and lots of colors to choose from to make their little thumbprints turn into dazzling strings of Christmas lights! 
 Next came Christmas Religious Bingo, followed by the snowball toss game!  Jesse and another dad manned that game, with Jesse as official scorekeeper.....

 A giant cookie cake was brought in and the kids loved the fruit as well!

I hope to use this game again next year!  Well, Merry Christmas and lots coming soon!

Love, Gretchen

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