Sunday, December 16, 2012

What a Very Special Week!

 What a busy and wonderful week we have had!!  We found out that Claire had received the Christian Witness Award for her class and received it after mass at a special schoolwide ceremony (unbeknownst to Claire!)  She was surprised when her dad and grandparents showed up, and was so very proud of herself!!!
 She wore that medal with great pride all day, and now has it on her nightstand next to her bed!  We are so proud of her and the actions throughout the year that led to this award.  Go Claire Go!!
 A very proud mommy and daddy!

 Next up was Claire's School Christmas Program.  We got word on Monday that she had a speaking part, and I said, "are you sure you are talking about the same Claire???"  As you know, our Claire isn't the most outgoing of individuals, but boy did she memorize her lines and go right up to that mike and do great!  We are sooo excited for Claire and hopes now she'll want to participate in more plays.  She really seemed to enjoy it and all the compliments she got from fellow classmates afterwards!

The next special occasion was my grandmother turned 85!  She was excited and doesn't look at all 85.  I am so glad I share those genes with her!! Happy 85 Grandma!!!

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