Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How Blessed We Are On This Day!

 Well, this Christmas we are truly blessed beyond words with family and friends!  May, who is baby crazy, loved holding cousin Juliette during Christmas Festivities!
 Jesse getting some Juliette love as well!
 Jesse & Claire before heading to Christmas Eve Mass.
 May starting to get the hang of the whole unwrapping the Christmas present thing.....she loved it!!!

 Claire is following her brother's footsteps in the love for Legos....
 Dad and Gretch
 Knowing my love of hot tea, May brought me loose leaf tea from China and it was delicious!
 Two very tired parents......
 Getting a little love amongst a chaos of goodies!

 Among our many activities this Christmas Week, my Grandmother, parents, and Aunt Cathie and Uncle Charlie, had a wonderful lunch and lots of fun with presents and good company!
 Claire showing off her new Minnie Mouse watch from Great Grandma!
 To round out our wonderful day, The Hollingsworths and Lance's sister and family came over for presents, fun, and desert!  Lots of fun was had!
 Claire opening her gift from The Hollingsworths.....once put together, that thing was much taller than Claire!  Also, Jesse received an XBox 360 Kinect from them and at this moment is still setting it up!  So much fun!  More pics to come of Jesse with his newest toy!
Jesse and Claire with Jesse's Christmas gift from Great Grandma!  This is sure to provide Jesse (and Claire I'm sure) with hours of entertainment (I'm looking for headphones to plug into it at the moment!!)

Well, we had a wonderful day and are thinking of the many other families who are not quite as blessed on this day...Our prayers are with them. Merry Christmas to all!!!

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